Monday, December 7, 2015

How To Pull Off The Bubble Fountain Trick

The fountain bubble trick is one of the most fascinating tricks to behold. To make the fountain  bubble sack I throw three bubbles in the air and catch the third on the wand ring as it has less drip and is more dry. It's best to form a bubble sack that is smaller and rounded rather than big, long and oval or egg shaped. That said using heavy bubble juice could be a disadvantage. Try a lighter juice. Timing is also important as your bubble may droop and bottleneck as liquid rushes to the bottom forming a heavy dripping funnel and breaking off. 

Once you have caught your dry bubble sack begin blowing into the sack using steady controlled burst or stream of air. Your bubbles should be at least 6 times smaller than the sack itself. 

1. Make sure the bubble sack itself is dry and not drooping or dripping with bubble juice by throwing three bubbles and using the third bubble.
2. Blow into the mid-center of the bubble sack rather than near the bottom of the bubble sack.
3. Avoid moving the wand up and down as this causes a bottleneck and heavy bottom
4. Using a straw blow a stream of air in the sack to keep the bubbles free floating
5. Open the top of the ring allowing the bubbles to release into an upward steady fountain stream.

The fountain bubble is the trick of tricks and a true work of art. Kids and adults alike will gaze in amazement.

How To Pull Off The Trampoline Bubble Trick

The elusive trampoline bubble trick is not as easy as it looks. The idea is to make the bubble bounce on a film of bubble solution. But what often happens is the bubble sticks to the film no longer free to take to the air and bounce. So what went wrong here?

Several things need to be in place to bounce a bubble successively. 

1. Make sure the film itself is dry and not drooping or dripping with bubble juice
2. Make sure the bouncing bubble is dry and not heavy with juice or dripping.
3. Make certain there are no tiny bubbles sticking to the edge of the film that may absorb the bouncing bubble. 4. Have the bouncing bubble land dead center of the wand ring and avoid the rings edge. 
5. Keep the film from bottom bulging or top tummying when bouncing.

Work with a light bubble juice rather than a heavy mixture. Remember these 5 vital bubble bouncing tips, practice regularly and soon you'll be bouncing bubbles in no time.

Friday, December 4, 2015

How To Plan A Bubble Festival

So you want to plan a bubble festival. You may be eligible for a grant by the local municipality. This is a partial list for those planning group bubbling events. 

Bubble Event Location

Locate a spot that will allow plenty of parking and space for bubblers without bumping into each other.
Consider climate, weather, elevation, ground materials, overhead obstacles like tree limbs, local construction, private homes, commercial buildings and electric lines and such. Open space is the best space.

Insurance Policy and Permits

Get them well in advance

Sales License and Permit

If you're selling anything you'll need this.

Grant Use

If the grant policy permits use part of the grant funds for insurance, licenses and permits. For more information regarding grants for bubble festivals go to

Bubble Juice

I use non-allergenic ingredients and steam distilled water.
May I suggest that you make your bubble juice well in advance. Juice can hold up for weeks, some say months depending on the ingredients. I make my juice within 7 days before the event. Test it two days after juicing and the day before the event.  


Regarding setup, Mike Millers giant bubble party videos are very helpful...


Your target audience is kids. Parents are a plus and seniors love bubbles too. That said focus on parties, daycare centers, nursing homes, other festival venues, science centers and such.

Marketing Material

Send out materials such as flyers, email and web based invitations across social networks well in advance. Make a press release and post in community papers and mags.Send out bi-weekly countdown notices via website and social networks.. 

Event Management

Assign someone to oversee safety, quality control and accident prevention
Assign someone to an information table
Assign someone to a welcome table
Assign someone to do bubbling demonstrations
Assign someone to games and activities
Be very inclusive, welcoming and give plenty of commendation.

Games and Record Breaker Activities

Consider games that don't require a lot of running as juice gets very slippery on the ground.
Feature bubble size and number of bubbles record breakers


Demonstrate how to hold the wand and make bubbles. The best way to demonstrate is to do some bubbling yourself using a variety of wands. 


Background music is nice but keep it light, and be discreet regarding titles.


Make sure you have someone take quality pictures and video of the event. Be prepared to provide a brief interview with the local news and radio stations.

For more info regarding getting started you'll find some helpful info on the soap bubble wiki at

Supplies and Materials

Supplies vary depending on the details of your performance, activities, presentations, theme, etc.
If you're looking for a great place to purchase supplies go to the Bubble Show Store.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beautiful Bubbles At Golden Hour Dusk To Twilight

Like liquid glass defying gravity enormous bubbles against the sunlight are a fantastic sight to behold. But as beautiful as bubbles are on a crisp sunny day, we discovered that bubbles are just as beautiful at dusk as this video reveals.

Brenda I enjoy bubbling against the sun but we also enjoy an evening of bubbling. One day we decided to start bubbling as the sun set. We were totally mesmerized by a display of beautiful soft pastels at golden hour.  From dusk to twilight the bubble surface reflected gorgeous colors of violet, lavender, coral, purple, ruby, fuchsia, salmon, peach, and orange red. Who knew? Watch hour video and notice how bubbles are equally as beautiful in the evening from dusk to starlit night.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bubbles of Joy

The message in the art of blowing bubbles is so powerful no
words and explanations are required.  

What holds an audience captive by making them remember an almost forgotten childhood innocence and joy while leaving them spellbound and smiling all the way back home.  

We've listed videos posted on Youtube that seem to do just that and we dare you not to smile.


About The Author

Last summer, while throwing an entertaining bubble show for Baltimore city kids in the park, I remember spotting a gentleman driving by in a huge red Mack truck. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the road to gaze at the unusually large and colorful glistening bubbles floating high above our heads. He said he was blocks away and had to turn back around to see this spectacle. I knew he got the message and his day was made a little bit brighter.

Nothing thrills me more than to see the looks on adult's faces as they behold sparkling rainbow colored bubbles floating by with an unspoken message of unity, peace, joy, hope and most of all that silly feeling of sweet innocent glee they may not have felt sense they were little kids. 

Want to brighten your friends day? Send the "No Smiles Allowed Stare Dare Challenge" their way.

- Mark Angelo Askew

9 Fun Bubble Shows
Spreading the charm of bubble blowing
 in Charm City, Baltimore

My bubble show music videos, First Stop.
The lawns of Johns Hopkins University
- John Hopkins at Eastern

Baltimore, Maryland.

Share the joy and find out more about spreading the unspoken message of peace, hope and the love of innocence through the Art of Blowing Bubbles at

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bubble Cloud Sculpture Printer

As a child I remember laying on the newly mowed lawn of my Connecticut home and looking up at the clouds. "Look Stephanie, An elephant." We called out the cloud formations as they took shape, turning into animals, cartoon characters and sometimes even people we knew.

Cloud Sculptures can keep kids entertained for hours.

Bubble gazers sometimes do the same thing.  Do you see the seal or walrus in this bubble formation?

Now there is a way to make Bubble Cloud Sculptures that float in the air just like a puffy white cloud. It's called the Bubble Cloud Sculpture Printer or Foam Printer.

What's needed?
1. Helium
2. Airtight container
3. Sculpture template
4. Foam maker
5. Foam slicer
6. Bubble juice

Foam Bubble Cloud Printer

With the right balance of oxygen and helium make a hanging or hovering Bubble Cloud Sculpture. Manually blow or fan the foam sculpture until it reaches an altitude above 20 feet to keep those tactile bubble poppers from getting to it.

Get inspired! More bubble show ideas, wands and tricks.

Want to book a bubble show in the Maryland/DC area? Visit and donate to the cause - Free bubble shows for inner city kids. Put a smile on their faces. Make a memory they will never forget.

Looking for more fun event planning ideas? Visit us at

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Best Bubble Show Ever

We did not become bubble entertainers overnight. It was a gradual process that began with a few simple jars of bubble solution and hand-sized wands. Soon it grew into something else. A desire to hand craft bubbles for entertainment.

Multi-Spray Bubble Wand
I got the idea to start handcrafting my own bubble wands last year. My first design was the bubble spray wand. It sprays hundreds of bubbles in seconds with one gust of wind.

Hoop Bubble Wand
Then I designed the hoop wand that creates giant tube shaped bubbles and large bubble balls. 

Tri-Ring Bubble Wand
My next creation was the tri-ring shaped wand that generates strong, long reptilian shaped bubbles and large bubble clusters.

We were invited to a Fall Fest last week. The perfect venue to test kids reaction to the new wands. It was a crisp sunny day. I would be competing with enormous moon bounce playsets. One was three stores high. The question that would be answered: Which form of entertainment has the highest fun factor and keeps kids happily engaged longer, the moon bounce playsets or the bubble show?

By 3:30 pm families and their children began to spring from the office building doors and parking lots bursting with sounds of  excitement and awe. Wow! Ooh! Yeah!

This would be our biggest bubble show to date. And what a show it was. Scores of kids came running from all directions to see the spectacle of glistening bubble clusters, gigantic gleaming crystal spheres floating in the air.  They could not resist running over and gazing at the enormity of the glistening bubbles clusters,

Before we knew it there was a tactile hands on affair with bubbles wands waving and beautiful flying crystalline spheres floating everywhere, long tube bubbles and wonderful breezy bubbles sprays all in use by young children, pre-teens and the young-at-heart.

Event adults stopped by to eyeball the bubble floats and try out our circle of brightly colored bubble wands.

Our tubs of bubble juice quickly became frothy tubs of soap suds as kids and parents dipped and shook and wiggled their bubble wands desperate to create their own bubble formations. Laughter and cheers filled the air. Everyone was living in the moment.

As the DJ played our favorite tunes, children could not resist dancing, prancing, running and jumping while reaching out to catch every flying bubble in sight. It was enchanting and wonderful to behold. A fall fest at it's best.

Check out the fall fest event planner in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner social web app, ebook or paper back book available at

Living in the Baltimore Washington area? Want to add the special touch to your festival or family event? Contact Brenda at 443 813 0865 and ask how to book an Angelo and Marie's Fantastic bubble show.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tri-Ring or Three Ring Bubble Wand

I would like to formally introduce a new bubble wand design I began working on a few months ago.I call it the tri-ring bubble wand.

It is in fact a hybrid of the Fubble Bubble Wand design. The Fubble Bubble wand is a fine bubble blowing wand if you know how to use it.

While many folks don't care for the floppiness of Fubbles bubble wand it does live up to it's advertised claims "Wave and flip to make Gigantic bubbles". Before using the wand I simply secure the floppy side with a tie so that it no longer flips.  I love the fact that it holds it's juice well. It does not need to be hung to dry  as do wands wrapped with cotton fiber and its made from a high grade plastic that does not easily break upon impact or bending.

But when it comes to entertaining a show needs more punch. It was time to take wand design and performance up a notch. Well, three notches.

The tri-ring bubble wand. My design of the tri-ring wand includes not one but three rings attached to each other using a silicon based molded ring connector also of my design.  To produce a wand that is aesthetically pleasing each ring is of a different color. I chose colors found in the rainbow or prism which actually enhanced the natural iridescent, prismatic colors of the bubble allowing the wands intense colors to reflect off the surface of the bubble.

The performance of the three ring wand proved to be beyond my expectations. Make no mistake about it, Fubble Bubble's uni-ring bubble wand produces a very impressively long tube shaped bubble. Whereas the Tri-ring design creates three long tubed shaped bubbles connected at its central core which gives the bubble more core strength or backbone if you will. This I believe creates greater longevity of life and reliance when waving and maneuvering the bubble and helps produce longer length.

In addition I closed the gaps along the edge of the ring where the rings connect so that when blown the wand creates bubble bumps along the surface of the bubble tube. The result? A magnificent glistening, highly iridescent reptilian looking tubular bubble formation that is beautiful to behold.

To see the tri-ring bubble wand in action go to my channel at

Happy bubbling!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Crafting Bubbles Wands

As one who seeks to hone the art of bubble blowing I'm always on the lookout for new and fresh techniques as well as understanding the science of bubble blowing. That said much has to do with knowing how to wield the wand.

Bubble wands come in many shapes and sized. And when it comes to the materials one can use the sky's the limit. I have two preferences. Plastic wands wrapped with cotton fiber twine.

Don't skimp on using quality material. The better it's quality the better the performance when blowing bubbles. Synthetics are yield less than mediocre results.  Natural fibers are outstanding.

Of late my favorite wands are my handmade hoop wand wrapped in cotton fiber yarn. It absorbs the juice and maintain a bubble film long enough to produce several bubbles with one dip.

Having said that, when crafting a bubble wand I suggest you focus on a wand made of plastic rather than one made of wire as wire will effectually rust or corrode and this can contaminate your bubble juice rendering it ineffective for bubbling.

Another factor to consider is the quality of plastic wands. You want plastic that is not too hard nor too thin. It should have some degree of flexibility and softness and thereby able to withstand impact without cracking or breaking.

I also favor a tri-ring or three-ring wand that produces amazing long tube shaped reptilian-like bubbles. In additional it produces a strong film and colorful surface. The number of tubes create
a more sustainable bubble mass with a longer life than single tube bubbles.

Lastly you need the hoop of the wand to connect to a stick. I find that t shaped silicon pvc pipe connectors do the job well. You can use a variety of materials for the stem. Garden poles, hula hoop tubing or water gun inner tubing.

View the performance of my handcrafted tri-ring bubble wand.

 Happy bubble blowing!

 - Angelo

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How To Make Bubble Juice

Nothing is more fun than making bubbles in the back yard. The question is how do you make bubble juice to product large bubbles. There are two recipes that work well. Both are indoor/outdoor recipes. But they are also seasonal recipes.

Winter Bubble Juice Recipe

1/8 cup of Joy or Dawn
1/2 cup of corn syrup
1 Gallon of distilled water

Spring/Summer Bubble Juice Recipe

1/8 cup of Joy
1 tablespoon of glycerin
1 Gallon of distilled water

You will be able to produce both small silver dollar bubbles and large baseball size bubbles.


The more sunny and humid the better. Your bubbles will look stunning in the sun and last longer.

Bubble Wands

There are many shapes and sizes. A quick and easy bubble wand can be made using a vinyl coated hanger or pipe cleaner. Just cut it 8 inches long, shape the end into a closed circle with a 5 inch stem like the number 9. Dip it in the juice and blow amazing bubbles.

Looking for some bubbling inspiration? Check out this bubble show video...

We'll discuss other bubble recipes and fun ways to create fantastic bubbles formations in our next series of articles. Until then.... Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2015

How To Make A Baby Shower Tote Bag Gift

What could be more fun than making baby tote bags for the mother-to-be. Mothers will adore this practical personalized baby shower gift. I_Love_My_Lil_Peanut_Tote bag

I created a series of baby tote bags a while back. Now it's time to tell you how. While you could do this with felt fabric, I found an easier approach. Just find a graphic or clipart you'd like to put on your baby tote and upload it to a on-demand printing app. You'll have your personalized baby tote printed and shipped in no time.

Here's What You Need

1. A graphic image at least 600 x 800 pixels in size.
2. An on demand printing design app. (I recommend the app at
3. Text, like the day, time and weight at birth.
4. Selected tote bag that compliments the image to be printed.

What To Do

Select the tote bag you want to print on.
Upload the graphic image or use the images available at the demand print center.
Select the text style and color.
Add text to tote.
Save your work.
Order desired quantity.
Ship it for quick delivery.