Friday, February 6, 2015

How To Make A Baby Shower Tote Bag Gift

What could be more fun than making baby tote bags for the mother-to-be. Mothers will adore this practical personalized baby shower gift. I_Love_My_Lil_Peanut_Tote bag

I created a series of baby tote bags a while back. Now it's time to tell you how. While you could do this with felt fabric, I found an easier approach. Just find a graphic or clipart you'd like to put on your baby tote and upload it to a on-demand printing app. You'll have your personalized baby tote printed and shipped in no time.

Here's What You Need

1. A graphic image at least 600 x 800 pixels in size.
2. An on demand printing design app. (I recommend the app at
3. Text, like the day, time and weight at birth.
4. Selected tote bag that compliments the image to be printed.

What To Do

Select the tote bag you want to print on.
Upload the graphic image or use the images available at the demand print center.
Select the text style and color.
Add text to tote.
Save your work.
Order desired quantity.
Ship it for quick delivery.