Thursday, September 17, 2015

Best Bubble Show Ever

We did not become bubble entertainers overnight. It was a gradual process that began with a few simple jars of bubble solution and hand-sized wands. Soon it grew into something else. A desire to hand craft bubbles for entertainment.

Multi-Spray Bubble Wand
I got the idea to start handcrafting my own bubble wands last year. My first design was the bubble spray wand. It sprays hundreds of bubbles in seconds with one gust of wind.

Hoop Bubble Wand
Then I designed the hoop wand that creates giant tube shaped bubbles and large bubble balls. 

Tri-Ring Bubble Wand
My next creation was the tri-ring shaped wand that generates strong, long reptilian shaped bubbles and large bubble clusters.

We were invited to a Fall Fest last week. The perfect venue to test kids reaction to the new wands. It was a crisp sunny day. I would be competing with enormous moon bounce playsets. One was three stores high. The question that would be answered: Which form of entertainment has the highest fun factor and keeps kids happily engaged longer, the moon bounce playsets or the bubble show?

By 3:30 pm families and their children began to spring from the office building doors and parking lots bursting with sounds of  excitement and awe. Wow! Ooh! Yeah!

This would be our biggest bubble show to date. And what a show it was. Scores of kids came running from all directions to see the spectacle of glistening bubble clusters, gigantic gleaming crystal spheres floating in the air.  They could not resist running over and gazing at the enormity of the glistening bubbles clusters,

Before we knew it there was a tactile hands on affair with bubbles wands waving and beautiful flying crystalline spheres floating everywhere, long tube bubbles and wonderful breezy bubbles sprays all in use by young children, pre-teens and the young-at-heart.

Event adults stopped by to eyeball the bubble floats and try out our circle of brightly colored bubble wands.

Our tubs of bubble juice quickly became frothy tubs of soap suds as kids and parents dipped and shook and wiggled their bubble wands desperate to create their own bubble formations. Laughter and cheers filled the air. Everyone was living in the moment.

As the DJ played our favorite tunes, children could not resist dancing, prancing, running and jumping while reaching out to catch every flying bubble in sight. It was enchanting and wonderful to behold. A fall fest at it's best.

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