Friday, September 4, 2015

Tri-Ring or Three Ring Bubble Wand

I would like to formally introduce a new bubble wand design I began working on a few months ago.I call it the tri-ring bubble wand.

It is in fact a hybrid of the Fubble Bubble Wand design. The Fubble Bubble wand is a fine bubble blowing wand if you know how to use it.

While many folks don't care for the floppiness of Fubbles bubble wand it does live up to it's advertised claims "Wave and flip to make Gigantic bubbles". Before using the wand I simply secure the floppy side with a tie so that it no longer flips.  I love the fact that it holds it's juice well. It does not need to be hung to dry  as do wands wrapped with cotton fiber and its made from a high grade plastic that does not easily break upon impact or bending.

But when it comes to entertaining a show needs more punch. It was time to take wand design and performance up a notch. Well, three notches.

The tri-ring bubble wand. My design of the tri-ring wand includes not one but three rings attached to each other using a silicon based molded ring connector also of my design.  To produce a wand that is aesthetically pleasing each ring is of a different color. I chose colors found in the rainbow or prism which actually enhanced the natural iridescent, prismatic colors of the bubble allowing the wands intense colors to reflect off the surface of the bubble.

The performance of the three ring wand proved to be beyond my expectations. Make no mistake about it, Fubble Bubble's uni-ring bubble wand produces a very impressively long tube shaped bubble. Whereas the Tri-ring design creates three long tubed shaped bubbles connected at its central core which gives the bubble more core strength or backbone if you will. This I believe creates greater longevity of life and reliance when waving and maneuvering the bubble and helps produce longer length.

In addition I closed the gaps along the edge of the ring where the rings connect so that when blown the wand creates bubble bumps along the surface of the bubble tube. The result? A magnificent glistening, highly iridescent reptilian looking tubular bubble formation that is beautiful to behold.

To see the tri-ring bubble wand in action go to my channel at

Happy bubbling!


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