Monday, October 5, 2015

Bubble Cloud Sculpture Printer

As a child I remember laying on the newly mowed lawn of my Connecticut home and looking up at the clouds. "Look Stephanie, An elephant." We called out the cloud formations as they took shape, turning into animals, cartoon characters and sometimes even people we knew.

Cloud Sculptures can keep kids entertained for hours.

Bubble gazers sometimes do the same thing.  Do you see the seal or walrus in this bubble formation?

Now there is a way to make Bubble Cloud Sculptures that float in the air just like a puffy white cloud. It's called the Bubble Cloud Sculpture Printer or Foam Printer.

What's needed?
1. Helium
2. Airtight container
3. Sculpture template
4. Foam maker
5. Foam slicer
6. Bubble juice

Foam Bubble Cloud Printer

With the right balance of oxygen and helium make a hanging or hovering Bubble Cloud Sculpture. Manually blow or fan the foam sculpture until it reaches an altitude above 20 feet to keep those tactile bubble poppers from getting to it.

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