Monday, October 19, 2015

Bubbles of Joy

The message in the art of blowing bubbles is so powerful no
words and explanations are required.  

What holds an audience captive by making them remember an almost forgotten childhood innocence and joy while leaving them spellbound and smiling all the way back home.  

We've listed videos posted on Youtube that seem to do just that and we dare you not to smile.


About The Author

Last summer, while throwing an entertaining bubble show for Baltimore city kids in the park, I remember spotting a gentleman driving by in a huge red Mack truck. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the road to gaze at the unusually large and colorful glistening bubbles floating high above our heads. He said he was blocks away and had to turn back around to see this spectacle. I knew he got the message and his day was made a little bit brighter.

Nothing thrills me more than to see the looks on adult's faces as they behold sparkling rainbow colored bubbles floating by with an unspoken message of unity, peace, joy, hope and most of all that silly feeling of sweet innocent glee they may not have felt sense they were little kids. 

Want to brighten your friends day? Send the "No Smiles Allowed Stare Dare Challenge" their way.

- Mark Angelo Askew

9 Fun Bubble Shows
Spreading the charm of bubble blowing
 in Charm City, Baltimore

My bubble show music videos, First Stop.
The lawns of Johns Hopkins University
- John Hopkins at Eastern

Baltimore, Maryland.

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