Monday, December 7, 2015

How To Pull Off The Trampoline Bubble Trick

The elusive trampoline bubble trick is not as easy as it looks. The idea is to make the bubble bounce on a film of bubble solution. But what often happens is the bubble sticks to the film no longer free to take to the air and bounce. So what went wrong here?

Several things need to be in place to bounce a bubble successively. 

1. Make sure the film itself is dry and not drooping or dripping with bubble juice
2. Make sure the bouncing bubble is dry and not heavy with juice or dripping.
3. Make certain there are no tiny bubbles sticking to the edge of the film that may absorb the bouncing bubble. 4. Have the bouncing bubble land dead center of the wand ring and avoid the rings edge. 
5. Keep the film from bottom bulging or top tummying when bouncing.

Work with a light bubble juice rather than a heavy mixture. Remember these 5 vital bubble bouncing tips, practice regularly and soon you'll be bouncing bubbles in no time.

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