Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Ecstasy Of Life and Water

I am reminded of a story many have experienced in the west. The rain has not come for several weeks. The air is dry and dust rolls over miles of dry, lifeless and cracked land once used for farming.
Many have migrated north east. Others with no place to go remain, frantically fighting fires as the brittlebush and tumbleweed become wicks and ignites into flames under the scorching heat of the sun. The water is gone.  Nothing is left to consume. Life comes to slow end.

The sky darkens. It is not a dust bowl. Heavy clouds roll in. The welcome smell of moisture fills the air. Suddenly streams of water fall from the sky and smacks the ground. The rain clouds release their storage as ribbons of rain sweep across the plains in a bellow of smoky steam. Gushing water fills streams, rivers and springs to the point of flooding. People once at the edge of despair are suddenly in ecstasy screaming and laughing as they run from their houses arms open wide letting the rain soak in their eyes, faces, and open mouths, enlivening their once dried out bodies. Days later new life springs. Migrating animals return and the business of life begins again.

Celebrate Life

It's time to celebrate life giving water! What better way to do that than a pool party, backyard water hose games, a trip to the beach or water sport activities. Sheer joy!

Their is a similar reaction when adults and children behold for the first time another miracle of air and water. The amazing sight of giant translucent, luminescent rainbow colored bubble art form floating in the air. Imagine seeing an 8 foot long 4 foot wide bubble floating by glistening in the sun and flashing the most brilliant colors you've ever seen.  

The Ecstasy of Water Bubbles

Now is the season to bring your next gathering to life. Fill the lives of generations with the joy and ecstasy that only the beauty of miraculous shape shifting bubbles can bring. Enjoy bubble gazing,

bubble art, bubble games, bubble water sports and more. It's eye candy like no other. Visit Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show web site and behold the sheer joy, wonder and science of water bubbles.