Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Happiness Maker's Wish

Could you use some happiness right now? When we consider what is happening right in our own backyard we sure could you a pick-me-up. How far would you go to put a little more love in the world if you knew you could? Read the touching story, "A Happiness Maker's Wish" and find out what a bubble performance artist does in the name of much-needed happiness, then you decide.

The Happiness Maker's Bubble Show at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

An old adage says "there is more happiness in giving than in receiving". Such love is less "how someone makes you feel", but more  "how you feel" when in the service of others. That warm satisfying feeling of purpose, connection, and happiness often leads to many unexpected ongoing rewards.

Mark Askew, now age 56, is a veteran artist, children's books author, playwright, videographer and motivational speaker. he's enjoyed the love of the arts for years and used this art to incite filial love and community solidarity among thousands. "I call myself a happiness maker as this is often the result of my work. I perform at family festivals, zoos, parks and child center events." Doing what, you ask?

The program opens with a tune about letting the imagination soar, yet the presentation the audience is about to behold has nothing to do with imagination. Everything they are about to see is real, yet very surreal and unexpectedly beautiful. Objects defying gravity. Brilliant iridescent formations flying aloft lifting the spirits of the audience to unexpected heights of excitement and awe. Tricks that appear to be illusions but are wonderful displays of science and choreography. And then the biggest show-stopper of them all. One that is undeniably engaging, enchanting and charming. The K.I.B. Putting kids inside of bubbles.

A little about his happiness work. As an artist, writer, musician, and craftsman he discovered a way to merge all my talents and skills to produce a magical, musical, and motivating family bubble show using over 10 varieties of very large colorful handcrafted bubble wands and my own bubble juice recipe. With these, he creates enormous iridescent bubbles, unlike anything most children have ever seen.  And how do they react when they see his bubbles for the first time? Mark says, "They say the  huge man-size bubble is awesome, and the spray of hundreds of bubbles at a time is breathtaking, while the long funnel bubbles are beautiful! When I observe the warm, intimate laughter, ooh's and aah's pouring out of the heart and mouths of bubble gazers I am as captivated by them as they are with my show.  The good vibes and love that results are priceless. It really is something special."

Mark continues, "There is nothing I love more than giving people a reason to connect, express affection and mutual regard for one another. This happiness making movement is growing. And it is a good thing too. With so much horrific bad news mounting people are overwhelmed and need something comforting and uplifting to remind them that there is a better side to life." For bubble gazers, it feels a lot like a bear hug and a little 'reassurance that we are still a remarkably kind, humane, and beautiful people.

So if you're into seeing people of all walks of life getting their happy on, and love fun family entertainment or just looking for things to do with your kids, think about the happiness maker and book his awesome Baltimore bubble show at

Read more about Mark's happiness work and find out what his one wish is this year...

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Gigantic Soap Bubbles At Baltimore Fall Fest

Taking this fall festival to the next level with Angelo and Marie's fantastic Bubbles Show. The kids and adults loved it.
The performance Feature of the Day: KIB - putting kids inside bubbles! Book a show at

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bubble Show At The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore

Bubble Show At The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore:

It's called The Zoo Bop Kids Festival and it's right here in Baltimore at the Maryland Zoo.
Hundreds of adoring animal fans pour in through the gates of a large green pasture where entertainment, catchy music and good food awaits.  It was a great audience who absolutely loved the bubble display and gigantic bubbles floating above their heads.

The family reunion blog team and author of 'the Art of Bubble Blowing'
throws a fun-filled bubble show at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.
Visit Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show to book your next
big entertaining event. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Angelo and Marie's Bubble Show Stage Performance

The Indoor Summer Bubble Show Performance Was A Blast

About to unleash the Daisy Bubble Spray. 

Filling the auditorium with a shower of bubbles.

Putting a little one inside a bubble.

Bubbles Galore!

In My Happy Place.

We had a fantastic time performing in Baltimore, Maryland last week. The act, music, and audience were awesome!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

1000 Bubbles - Festive Bubble Wands

Amazing - These new bubble wands blow 1000 bubbles at a time.

My granddaughter loves seeing me enjoy painting the sky with bubbles. My office/craft studio looks like toyland. Probably because I'm a bubble artist and craft bubble wands all day. I love to watch children's faces light up as I fill the sky with thousands of bubbles with one sweep of my wand.
Hope you enjoy this video display of my festive bubble wands. Please like and share.

Angelo and Marie's Bubble Show

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Good Times At Maplewood Gardens Apartments

Angelo and Maries Fantastic Bubble Show

Gonna have a good time! We're coming to Maplewood Gardens Apartments for a Fantastic Bubble Show Saturday, June 17th 11:00-1:00 AM. Come join us. Bubbles, music, prizes, and treats. Bring the kids and have a ball!

We're coming to Baltimore! Book a free show this summer!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kicking It With 5 New Bubble Wands

Happy Spring!

Festive Display - Exciting Extravaganza - Cool Fun - Magical Beauty 

We're doing our part of bringing in a happy fun filled Spring season for 2017 and beyond! Angelo and Maries Fantastic Bubble Show is kicking off the new season with 5 new bubble wands.

It's amazing what a performing artist can do with just one or two basketball size bubbles in the air. But when you're entertaining a large outdoor audience you want something bigger than life that hundreds, even thousands of attendees can enjoy at the same time. Well, we've got that certain something. 5 of them. Our colorful spring and summer  festival banners which are actually bubble wands unlike any you have ever seen.

Beautiful Festival Banner Bubble Wand

Stands 5.7 feet high and 2.8 feet wide

It's A Bubble Explosion!  

5 beautiful bigger than life gigantic bubble wands sure to make you go WOW! And just in time to make your next Springtime event something really special. 

It's A Multi-bubble Wand Extravaganza!

These wands are designed to make overhead clouds of over a thousand or more bubbles at a time.  That's why each giant wand consists of over 100 mini bubble wands attached. That means they make more bubbles than you could ever imagine with one gust of wind. 

Enjoy the season. Turn an outdoor event into something more festive and exciting with our new fantastic bubble wand presentation. Best of all, if your event is in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, Virginia or Philly we'll come to you with a free 30-minute bubble show to give you a taste of what we can do to enliven your next event. Find out more about our free bubble show at

Want to know more about our shows and what we do? Read our book The Art of Bubble Blowing.  Now available at Amazon.

Happy Spring!

Angelo and Marie

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Book Release: The Art of Bubble Blowing

What Is Stunning?

What Is Pure Living Art?

What Is Addictive?

What Is Truly Magical?

Why Do Spectators Call It Beautiful?

What Never Gets Old?


Finally, someone wrote an intuitive, insightful and revealing book about the art of bubble blowing. An essay about the magic, addiction, and beauty of the visual art and performance art of bubble craft. 

The Art of Bubble Blowing: A Bubble Blowing Picture Gallery and Performance Tutorial 

Learn how to blow huge, breathtaking, beautiful bubbles. Make fantastic bubble wands, bubble juice and fascinating tricks with this inspiring pictorial guide to bubble blowing. The Art of Bubble Blowing features stories, a bubble art gallery, bubble wand crafts and bubble blowing tutorial, complete with activity ideas, bubble recipes, and recommended bubble wands and solution. 

The Art of Bubble Blowing

It's not an illusion. It's not slight of hand. It is a magical natural phenomenon
that is miraculous.
So it has been written. So it shall be done.
Writing, illustrations, and photography by Mark and Brenda Askew.

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