Saturday, March 11, 2017

Book Release: The Art of Bubble Blowing

What Is Stunning?

What Is Pure Living Art?

What Is Addictive?

What Is Truly Magical?

Why Do Spectators Call It Beautiful?

What Never Gets Old?


Finally, someone wrote an intuitive, insightful and revealing book about the art of bubble blowing. An essay about the magic, addiction, and beauty of the visual art and performance art of bubble craft. 

The Art of Bubble Blowing: A Bubble Blowing Picture Gallery and Performance Tutorial 

Learn how to blow huge, breathtaking, beautiful bubbles. Make fantastic bubble wands, bubble juice and fascinating tricks with this inspiring pictorial guide to bubble blowing. The Art of Bubble Blowing features stories, a bubble art gallery, bubble wand crafts and bubble blowing tutorial, complete with activity ideas, bubble recipes, and recommended bubble wands and solution. 

The Art of Bubble Blowing

It's not an illusion. It's not slight of hand. It is a magical natural phenomenon
that is miraculous.
So it has been written. So it shall be done.
Writing, illustrations, and photography by Mark and Brenda Askew.

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