Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kicking It With 5 New Bubble Wands

Happy Spring!

Festive Display - Exciting Extravaganza - Cool Fun - Magical Beauty 

We're doing our part of bringing in a happy fun filled Spring season for 2017 and beyond! Angelo and Maries Fantastic Bubble Show is kicking off the new season with 5 new bubble wands.

It's amazing what a performing artist can do with just one or two basketball size bubbles in the air. But when you're entertaining a large outdoor audience you want something bigger than life that hundreds, even thousands of attendees can enjoy at the same time. Well, we've got that certain something. 5 of them. Our colorful spring and summer  festival banners which are actually bubble wands unlike any you have ever seen.

Beautiful Festival Banner Bubble Wand

Stands 5.7 feet high and 2.8 feet wide

It's A Bubble Explosion!  

5 beautiful bigger than life gigantic bubble wands sure to make you go WOW! And just in time to make your next Springtime event something really special. 

It's A Multi-bubble Wand Extravaganza!

These wands are designed to make overhead clouds of over a thousand or more bubbles at a time.  That's why each giant wand consists of over 100 mini bubble wands attached. That means they make more bubbles than you could ever imagine with one gust of wind. 

Enjoy the season. Turn an outdoor event into something more festive and exciting with our new fantastic bubble wand presentation. Best of all, if your event is in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, Virginia or Philly we'll come to you with a free 30-minute bubble show to give you a taste of what we can do to enliven your next event. Find out more about our free bubble show at

Want to know more about our shows and what we do? Read our book The Art of Bubble Blowing.  Now available at Amazon.

Happy Spring!

Angelo and Marie

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