Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bubble Artist Discusses The Social Impact Of The Art

By Mark Angelo Askew

As an experienced bubble artist, I've learned a thing or two regarding the social impact of the art on all populations. One is to keep my audience at a distance so they can take in the full visual spectrum of bubble artistry. The other? When I'm amazed, show it. Excitement is contagious. My own fascination with bubble formation quickly rubs off.

I especially love to hear the laughter, expressions of awe and overexcited screams of surprise. On the other end of the spectrum is its intimate appeal. It seems to conjure expressions of affection and mutual enjoyment among couples and their children as if they are sensing love and warmth in the art form as well as the artist. When the show is over the bubble gazers tend to linger until I have completely dismantled the display and carted my red bubble wagon away.

Does it fill a need? Every recreation fills a need. But this seems to fill a need for a certain kind of message. A message that speaks about and for the love of humanity. The human condition at its best.
No, not man dominating man to his injury, but, rather man respecting and supporting others for good. Not unlike those who relentlessly come to the aid of victims of natural disaster.

These first responders are not just filling a need, they are extending themselves fully, while loyally sticking with the victims until they have a more sure footing in life. When I raise my wand, I raise it to them. When the bubbles stream and fly high in the sky it is a banner of deep gratitude toward those who organize,  scatter, search, find and fill that need. The overwhelming beauty of humanity at it's best.

Children of all ages can't resist what we do with soap bubbles. We create pumpkin size bubbles. Watermelon size bubbles. Even jumbo beach ball size bubbles and bigger.  The exciting artistry and beauty of midair soap bubble sculpting include a dynamic display of giant festival bubble wands like you've never seen before.

I think the most fascinating part of bubble blowing is the mind-bending bubble tricks and gorgeous iridescent bubble art formations created at our indoor and outdoor events. Ideal for school and community festival fair and carnival events.

By Mark Angelo Askew
Angelo And Maries Fantastic Bubble Show