Monday, February 12, 2018

How To Make A Hoop Bubble Wand

As a bubble artist and bubble show performer, I think my hoop wands are my most prized instrument. There is so much you can do with it. make large glob bubbles, bubble tricks and long tube bubbles like the one on display above. Even better, you can put someone inside a bubble using a larger version of the hoop wand for hours of family fun entertainment.

Many bubble show observers have offered to buy my hoop wand. I often smile and tell them that my stock needs to be replenished.  A few crafty types have asked how I make my hoop wands. While much of this information is a family secret, I will share fun crafting details on how to make a hula hoop bubble wand in this article. Ready? First, let's go shopping for supplies!

The hoop wand is made using the following materials:

1. Cotton String (100% cotton yarn)
2. One full-size flexible Polypro (polypropylene) hula hoop: This is the lightest and most advanced tube material for hula hoops.
3. A "T" shape tube connector commonly used for PVC plumbing line. Durable polypropylene connectors are resistant to gases, solvents, and acids which make them ideal for bubble wands.
4. Heavy-Duty Staple Gun
5. Long T50 staples
6. Large Glue Gun
7. Large Glue Sticks (full size)

Note: I get my materials from Be sure to check the items reviews and star rating. Remember, Prime members get free shipping.

Putting The Hoop Bubble Wand Together.

1. Cut the hula hoop into two parts. One part three feet in length. The other, 2 feet.

2. Glue the end of cotton yarn and attach it to the three-foot hoop. Wrap the cotton yarn around the three-foot hoop leaving about one inch of space between each wrap. Lightly glue the underside of opposite end of the cotton yarn and attach it to the hoop to hold the wrapped yarn in place.

3. Using the "T" connector attach the three-foot tube ends to both ends of the cross-section of the "t" connector inserting the connectors into the tube. If the fit is loose wrap hot glue around the connector arm and insert. Remove access glue. Allow 10 minutes dry time.

4. Using the staple gun, position the staple gun head so that the staple will be horizontal/parallel to the hoop and punch staples in the area where the connector arm is within the tube. Drive a staple through the connector arms on both sides of the connector.

5. If using a hula hoop gently unbend the hoop so that the hoop appears straight. This may require warming the hoop using your hands. Simply run your hands back and forth to create friction heat while gently molding the hoop into a straight tube. Once the tube is straight run cold water over the tube to fix the mold.

6. Insert the neck or trunk of the "T" into the 2-foot hoop.

7. If the connector is loose wrap hot glue around the trunk of the connector, insert it making sure the hoop is straight vertically and horizontally and allow the glue to dry.

8. Drive a stable horizontal/parallel to the neck of the "T" in the area the connector is inserted into the tube to hold the neck of the hoop wand in place.

Congratulations! Your hoop bubble wand is ready for use. 

Mark Angelo
Bubble Wand Craftsman and Performer
Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show

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