Saturday, April 7, 2018

Author of "The Art of Bubble Blowing" In The News

The authors of "The Art of Bubble Blowing" is in the news.  The art of bubble blowing is making a big comeback. Why is this old-fashioned pastime suddenly entering mainstream interest and defying the passing of time? Simply put, the mystery of the formation and floatation of what the artist, Mark Angelo calls "blown liquid glass in suspended animation." But producing this feat is not as easy as you might think. 

We asked several individuals to attempt to form a bubble using a large wand without woofing large gulps of air into their lungs and blowing into the bubble wand. Most had no idea how to form a bubble any other way. Some did manage to wave the wand back and forth to produce globs of bubble clusters that dropped to the ground and whimpered. When an experienced bubble artist showed them how to sweep the wand like the paintbrush of an artist and form bubble globes, tubes and funnels while performing gravity-defying tricks, the observers were both awestruck and very much entertained.

What is it about bubbles that leave people saying "thank you" when walking away as if they were given encouraging hug from a dear old friend. I have no idea. But the words of bubble artist, Mark Angelo Askew, author of the book "The Art of Bubble Blowing" defines it nicely. "We thoroughly enjoy seeing that look of sheer amazement, puzzlement, joy, and warmth when beholding this charming bubble craft that seems to reach out and affectionately touch them." Maybe that's the reason large events throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area and Virginia are booking bubble shows. 

But there are other phenomena unique to Mark and Brenda's bubble show performances that could be the key to growing interest. For example, the Bubble itself. It is a very thin and fragile object with a fleeting lifespan usually under 60 seconds. To handle such a thing and perform tricks with it while making it bend, twirl, jump, bounce, and float in unison is simply amazing.

But could there be another reason large crowds tend to form at Angelo and Marie's spring, summer, and fall festivals bubble show events? The irresistible invitation to be put inside of a bubble. Imagine being completely engulfed inside a giant man-sized bubble dome! Unbelievable, but true. At least that's what Mark Angelo Askew and his wife of 38 years, Brenda Marie Askew can do. "It's a pleasure to see that look of wonder and privilege as contestants are put inside a bubble for the first time. An experience they will probably never forget."

But is that really it? Could there be another reason for the growing interest in bubble shows? Mark says, "The joy and excitement are both riveting and electric!" Well, the media is abuzz and taking notice of the growing interest in the art and craft of bubble blowing. In recent weeks Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show has been on televised news presentations and in major online and print media, such as the Baltimore Sun. Baltimore Sun's photojournalist, Ken Lam, recently interviewed Mark and Brenda Askew about their book "The Art of Bubble Blowing" and discussed the inspiration for choosing the craft of bubble blowing.

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