Monday, May 7, 2018

Lessons From Entertaining A Special Ed Group

A special artform makes it to a daycare school for adults with various mental, emotional and physical handicaps. The one-hour bubble show was presented the winter of 2018.  The auditorium was spacious and ideal for a musically choreographed liquid art bubble show. It was a big hit! The audience was very excited, kind and fully engaged. Giggles, shouts of awe and sounds of approval were constant. The staff was equally curious and engaged.

What I enjoyed most was intense joy, happiness, and satisfaction each attendee exuded when being put in a bubble.  When I reacted to that joy it became more contagious, physically and vocally. We literally had to tear ourselves from them when our performance time ran out. This was the most gratifying experience of our performances to date.

"My wands are large tall and somewhat imposing. They are a sign to contemplate the artform to come. The reaction is often one of unexpected awe and a need to see more. Somehow the sensations triggered are more often indearment, enchantment, affection, and gratitude. My job is done."
- Mark Angelo Askew

After the show, there was a certain calm that permeated the building. The overall acceptance and reaction is one I think to be worthy of further study.

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