Saturday, October 20, 2018

Super Fun Wonders Early Learning Potluck Picnic

Situated in the center of Downtown Bethesda, It was a Wonderful World at Wonders Early Learning Center in Bethesda. Wonders Early Learning and Extended Day at 4805 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda, Maryland is a well-placed childcare wonderland complete with full staff support to meet each child's daily needs. 

Best of all 'Wonders' is a lot of fun, indoors and out.  The outdoor play area is an impressively gated play station with an adjacent grassy lawn for running about and enjoying outdoor edutainment shows picnic style. And that's where we come in. Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble Show has enjoyed not one but two performances with invitations to appear at other shows soon to come. While performing I was particularly impressed by the well-disciplined happy children who welcomed direction, instruction and inspiration.

Our current Bubble Show performances are a musical combination of STEM learning, Our Liquid Art and music set the tone for the outdoor potluck picnic with lots of opportunities to for kids to run about and enjoy the excitement of bubbles blowing. 

Folks from all walks of life from around the globe were there for a fun-filled family potluck picnic.  We especially loved putting moms and their babies in bubbles. Thanks to Ndara Ed S. Miles for the invite to giving what we hope was a performance worthy of potluck picnic fun.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Towson MD Outdoor Bubble Show #AngeloandMarie

How to take a sentimental journey on some enchanted evening and make a sweet memory just having fun. Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble show performs on a terrace in Towson. #AngeloandMarie #BubbleShow #BaltimoreBubbleShow #BestDayOfMyLife #BestLifeEver

Whitelock Community Farm Harvest Festival Bubble Show

It was a fun loving good time at the Reservoir Hill Harvest Festival. An appropriate fest thanks to the good harvest from the Whitelock Community Farm. We celebrated the occasion as hundreds of bubbles took to the air from our giant festival daisy wands.

Bubbles flit and float everywhere as kids and parents fill the park with laughter, good vibes and a reason to defy the times and feel groovy.  Next year we'll invite more harvest festival attendees to the bubble show. There will be a cloudburst of bubbles so great that those young at heart will not want to miss!

#ReserviorHill #DruidHill #DruidHillPark #BaltimoreBubbleShow #WhiteLockCommunityFarm #HarvestFestival #GoodVibes 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Were You There? Amazing #MyBmore 100K Meet at Baltimore Visitor Center

Were You There? The 100k Meet at the Baltimore Visitor Center. Angelo and Marie's Fantastic Bubble show performance by Baltimore resident liquid light and bubble artist Mark Angelo Askew and Brenda Marie Askew.